Transportation Management

One of the largest spending categories in a company’s budget is transportation, so finding cost-saving opportunities within the supply chain is key for financial success!

However, options for cost optimization in logistics are endless and it takes expert knowledge to uncover problems, design solutions and implement changes.

Transportation management offers the opportunity to improve freight spending, while increasing customer satisfaction. It includes a range of solutions and tools that enhance the customer’s ability to manage their logistics execution, improve back office processes and increase efficiency.

We offer our logistics expertise and technology to manage all the means of domestic and international transport for your company, including road, ocean and air transportation, for both inbound and outbound operations.

Transport options:

Ground transportation


  • Dry, Fresh, Frozen and Oversized cargo
  • Full Truck Load (FTL)
  • Less Than Truck Load (LTL)
  • Expedited
  • Intermodal
transporte marítimo de mercancias


  • Project Cargo
  • Full Container Load (FCL)
  • Less Than Container Load (LCL)
  • Port Drayage
carga urgente


  • Same day delivery
  • Priority morning delivery
  • Next day evening delivery
  • International Air

What are the benefits of leaving your transportation management to a single partner?

Ocean shipping

Reduce fixed costs

The flexibility of changing fixed expenses like overhead to a variable cost gives your company the opportunity to navigate better in turbulent times and increase your ROI.

Create savings

Besides working with the best transportation rates, we will help you to find savings opportunities by selecting the right suppliers, optimize your routes and streamline execution.

Focus on your core business

We create value for your company by finding savings opportunities, while you increase profitability by focusing on what you do best – growing your business.

Team scalability

The team size can be adapted quickly according to demand changes, so workforce is added as needed to keep up with your customer’s requirements, without sacrificing service quality.

Technology with zero investment

Top of the line Transportation Management Solution (TMS) is provided at no extra cost for visibility, control, and analytics to improve on long-term goals.

Some of the characteristics of our TMS software are:


Ease of purchase order management

International and domestic transportation.

International and domestic transportation

Sales order fulfilmentand last mile deliveries.

Sales order fulfilmentand last mile deliveries

The search for effciency is permanent; our team will constantly be looking for ways to do things better, faster and more cost-efficiently.

Integrated Logistics

What is the current condition for many companies worldwide?

  • Today supply chains have become very complex and fragmented, not to mention volatile!
  • External events are occurring that we have never seen before
  • Competition is intense
  • Customers are more demanding than ever

How we help our customers to overcome these conditions?
Our Integrated Logistics solution helps you to pilot through all these challenges without any trouble, giving you peace of mind! We manage all the involved parties in the supply chain on your behalf, so you can be sure that everything will be executed according to plan and budget, and your customer’s expectations will be exceeded.

Are you thinking in a long term or you have a one-time project?
We work on a per project or contract basis so it doesn’t matter if you have a single shipment to Mexico, or want to import hundreds of containers, or export globally, we stay by your side to help you reach your objectives and mitigate risks along the way.

Your executive concierge will be your right hand
Logistics can be complex and burdensome, so for your comfort we will dedicate an executive concierge that fully understands you and your business. They will take the execution weight off your shoulders and keep you updated, communicating without the technical jargon! The goal is to allow you to focus on creating new customer relationships and growing your business.

Access to the best logistics technology at zero cost
We offer free access to our logistics technology, so you can have complete control of your end to end supply chain. Our software solutions help both of us to manage, control and improve the full logistics operation.

Some of the characteristics of our TMS (Transport Management System) and
WMS (Warehouse Management System) software are:

  • Ease of purchase order management
  • International and domestic transportation
  • Great control of your customs operations
  • Inventory and distribution center management
  • Sales order fulfilment and last mile deliveries

The scope is: purchase order management, transportation, domestic & international, customs, warehousing, sales order management and last-mile delivery.

integrated logistics
integrated logistics

What are the benefits of outsourcing your end to end logistics?

Savings opportunities

Did you know that you may be leaving money on the table?
We offer a free assessment of your supply chain to identify quick savings opportunities, there is always room for continuous improvement because markets are constantly changing.

Peace of mind

Single point of contact for all your operational needs and personalized service requirements keeping you up to date for your: purchase orders, transportation, customs, inventory, and sales order status with 24/7 availability.

Transparent pricing

You will know exactly where each cost is allocated to, so together we can find improvements and reduce overall costs. We don’t profit from hidden fees and costs; we aim to grow with you as a partner!.

Fixed cost reduction

The back office team that supports your executive concierge adapts quickly to demand changes – this means you don’t have to hire and then downsize as market conditions shift, giving you the flexibility to focus on selling and growing your business.

Regulations made simple

Customs rules and regulations can be complex. Our teams make it easy for everybody to know what steps need to be taken in order to avoid heavy penalties and fines in every country your company does business.

Visibility and analytics

First-class supply chain software supports all our processes, this allows everybody involved to be aligned and avoid unwanted extra costs. The data is used to run models and KPI reports for continuous business improvement.

Collaborative work culture is in Compass’ DNA, that’s why we see everybody as a partner. We aim to help and motivate all the involved parties to reach a common goal: the full satisfaction of the final consumer and the financial benefits of all stakeholders in the process.

Commercial Shelter Mexico

Are you looking for export markets for your products?

International markets are more open than ever, and the internet makes it very easy to start communications and negotiations from miles away, even in other countries. Free trade agreements like USMCA has created the opportunity of a bigger market for US products.

Now that you have decided that it is time to grow internationally by exporting into Mexico, we need to cover a couple of challenges that may stand in the way. Removing these potential roadblocks is vital to the success of your new export project.

The Commercial Shelter service supports US companies to soft-land in Mexico, allowing them to have a legal entity in the country that can act as their importer of record and trading company. This way they can start selling their products immediately, without legal complications or having to hire a local team and establish a business in the country.

Customs regulations in Mexico are complicated, and the legal system is different than in the US (Civil Law vs Common Law). Yet this shouldn’t come in the way of your project moving forwards. Mexican companies recognize the quality and value of US made products, and are really interested in buying them, don’t let the difference in business cultures persuade you otherwise!

Sometimes, there can be misunderstandings during the negotiation process, that is why we support you from day one, to create a positive business environment and a transaction that can be successfully concluded for both parties.

The import-export logistics can be a challenge mainly because the selling US company does not understand the legal and packing regulations at Mexican customs. These customs authorities are demanding, and often the importer in Mexico has no idea either, so the transaction becomes very difficult, not to mention expensive for both parties involved! What’s more, both parties will be less enthused to do business in the future.

That is why it’s important to use our risk- and stress-free process, to allow the trade to go smoothly. This ensures that there will be more business deals ahead, and allows both parties to focus on what they do best to make, market and sell great products!

We offer an integrated trading solution that will help your company to successfully start in the Mexican market. The main steps are: initial market development planning, contracts, permits, customs, regulations processing, international logistics, distribution and order fulfilment, and customer experience center for sales order processing.

Commercial Shelter Mexico
Commercial shelter service

Benefits of a commercial shelter service

Local capabilities

The process of starting a new company and opening a bank account in Mexico can be a hassle. Shutting everything down if things go wrong takes even more effort – so it’s much easier for you to work with a transparent trading partner, with local expertise and the legal know-how to help you succeed.

Take out the middleman

One of the most common ways to enter a new market is working with a sales rep or a distributor. The problem is that the exporter does not receive all the market insights your business needs to grow here, you fully depend on the plans and agenda of your middleman.

Pricing transparency

The marketing approach of our solution is to work with you and establish the best pricing conditions to be competitive in the market. We will help you define the total landed cost to reach each demand point, plus an open, established fee for our trading services.

Faster time to market

Customer demands are more volatile than ever, and all companies need to have omni channel capabilities. With our logistics infrastructure and resources, your company will be able to reach any consumer region in the US and Mexico at the best cost possible.

Full compliance with no risk

Customs regulations in Mexico are complex and sometimes take time to be ready. Our team supports your project from day one, ensuring all paperwork is in place to expedite the process and be ready to comply with the expected deadlines.

Intellectual property protection

The security of your property is our biggest priority, we design a model that protects your brand and product design, protecting you from intellectual property theft.

There are plenty of benefits for selling to international markets, some are: brand recognition, balance market risks and most importantly growing your business. We can point out many challenges that will make is difficult. Remember, you are not alone in this journey – we have helped companies from all over the world to successfully enter the Mexican market and expand their businesses.

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