To offer the perfect combination of resources, knowledge, experience, technology, and competitiveness Compass has integrated with TForce Worldwide, part of TFI International (TSE:TFII).
With this partnership, we can solve all your logistics neeeds and wants with the best-in-class logistics technology, the most competitive rates in the market, and out-of-this-world customer experience.

Let us be your one-stop solution for your complex logistics needs!
Are you looking to streamline supply chain operations and optimize logistics processes? Look no further! Our logistics conducting company is the one you've been looking for. Our team of logistics experts has the knowledge and expertise to orchestrate your entire supply chain, from sourcing to delivery.

Your logistics partner in
the USMCA region.
We have an excellent offer of services for each shipment for your import and export operation from and into Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

Due to the high volume of cargo supported by TFI International (TSE:TFII), we can offer you the most competitive rates, a large offer of services, and an integrating differential that identifies us, which you are able to secure the operation's success of all your operations.



We are a technology driven logistics integrator that offers personalized solutions to orchestrate the flow of all involved parties in your domestic and international supply chain. This ensures your business success, increases profitability and customer satisfaction.

Our values

If you make a promise, keep it!
Live each day with passion to serve our clients
To have an environment that attracts and retains the best talent
Work in an ethical, supportive and open way
Be grateful and humble, simple but effective

Entrepreneurial mindset with constant growth
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Our orchestration capabilities are supported by first-class logistics software, allowing us to efficiently coordinate every part of your logistical network. We make complex logistics planning and execution processes simple and efficient to help you to increase sales and reduce costs.

Our scope of services

Transportation Services

Customs Clearance & Trade Compliance

Permits & Trade Regulations

Distribution Centers & Last-Mile Delivery

Risk Management

Sales Order Management

Supplier & Purchase Order Management

How We Do It

Every project is unique and in order to understand your needs and goals, we do a free assessment of your supply chain, so our professional team can develop a customized solution suitable for your business’ success

Personalized solutions = Greater customer experience & satisfaction

We stay flexible and creative, to make you the hero of the story

The only constant in life is change. In this new volatile and uncertain world, market requirements and customer demands change by the minute. You need a partner to help you make your ideas come to life, faster than ever, to better serve your customers and increase customer satisfaction rates.

Our technology allows you to be ahead of the curve

Nobody can make decisions in the dark. We provide free access to our software that allows you to have the right information at the right time and make smart decisions. Now the supply chain data empowers your strategy.

Our customer-centric approach makes everything about you

Your needs are our objectives. We work to understand what your business needs in order to thrive and grow. The person in charge of your account is trained to fully understand not only your requirements.but also your customer’s! That way we are better equipped to help you exceed your buyer’s expectations.


In order to boost the benefits of all our services, we have designed three solutions that cover most of our customers’ requirements


Transportation Management offers the opportunity to improve freight spending, while increasing customer satisfaction. It includes a range of solutions and tools that enhance the customer’s ability to manage their logistics execution, improve back office processes and increase efficiency.

Inbound Logistics

The Inbound Logistics Management solution optimizes supply and procurement operations globally. We ensure the timely availability of inputs in the correct quantity and within budget. Simplifying your supply chain, we manage all parties through a single point of contact. Trust our efficient management to let you entirely focus on your business.

Global Project Management

Project success relies on the seamless synchronization of multiple links. It encompasses transportation routes, national and international suppliers, and customs procedures at various entry points. Our comprehensive Global Project Management solution helps you to handle complex logistics operations. With our expertise from conception to execution, we efficiently evaluate costs and conquer regulatory challenges. Let us streamline your journey to success.

Our Service Approach,
Personalized Solutions

Every project is unique, in order to understand your needs and goals, we do a free assessment of your supply chain, so our professional team can develop a customized solution suitable for your business success.

While you focus on improving your company, we take care of all your supply chain requirements in and between the US and Mexico.

Doing the right things right, first time costs less
You are the best on what you do, but your customer’s requirements and supply chain challenges increase every day, so now more than ever it becomes very important to have a partner who fully understands your business to help you make it right, first and every single time.

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Why Compass?

Why outsource with too many suppliers, when one partner can orchestrate them all for you?. We will be your point of contact for all your supply chain operations, saving you from communicating with several parties in the supply chain.

Search for Savings

We offer a free assessment of your supply chain to identify quick savings opportunities; there is always room for improvement because markets are constantly changing.

Avoid Extra Costs

Having a single control point for all your logistics eliminates unwanted costs caused by a lack of synchronization between parties in the supply chain.

Executive Concierge

Single point of contact for all your operational needs and personalized service requirements, giving you the peace of mind to focus on what’s important for your business.

Transparent Pricing

Detailed costs structure, no hidden or confusing fees, what we quote is what we invoice you don’t have to worry about giving the wrong price to your own customer.

End to End Visibility

We provide free access to the best logistics technology to have full control over you supply chain to find optimization opportunities and reduce costs.

As an integrated logistics service provider we offer personalized solutions to orchestrate the flow of all involved parties in your supply chain and ensure your business success.

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