3 key points to avoid cross border overcharges in any operation

The surcharges and setbacks of all cross border operations are around the following 3 factors. Discover how to avoid these situations when carrying out your activities.
Secure the correct fulfillment of your cross-border operation with Compass, where thanks to our operative capacity we make sure your cargo gets to its destination on time, form, and for the price given without changes. Get more info here.

Usually. cross border operations have the reputation of being difficult, complicated and expensive due to the complex degree that comes with them, a great number of factors that take place at the moment of crossing, language barriers, cultural, all the highly bureaucratic documentation required bu Mexican customs and the right management on the American side

All of these factors together have made the process look, from a perspective, a terrible operation to perform where the problem is not the level of complexity but it depends on three key factors in which any cross-border operation will be free of overcharges and without delays. Would you like to know how to make all your Cross-border operations an exception of all that is said about its difficulties? (fast reliable, easy to handle, and no surprise overcharges in your bill) If you wish to know more, send us a message using the link in the above question.

What’s the main cause for a cross border operation to go wrong?
The main problem in the cross-border operation resides in the lack of coordination and proactivity of all the parties involved. Not more not less. The end result will depend on how wen coordinated both parties are and their disposition to work together.

Most of the time in this kind of operations the exporting part hires on their side people and parties that support the crossing and on the other side the importing part does the same, and it’s a reality that both of the hired parties won’t talk to each other to come to a clean process since is «not their job to mediate» or » was hired to do only this part». That attitude is the one that will cause problems in the operation and fail.

Since all the process happens really fast, a perfect synced team will make the difference between winning or losing. If you wish to guarantee the harmony when coordinating your operations send us a message.

Where do the problems begin?

The problems begin when the hired team has a bad communication, its very common to see how the pieces in the process interact with other figures but not talk to each other, and in processes that take place in just a few hours, not paying attention on the immediate needs will cause everything to get stuck, where at least the 7 individuals involved in the operation keep charging for their services, getting stuck will cost you 50, 70, 100 dollars per hour, and more if something else comes up. At this point the operation gets burned and will generate a bad experience for both exporting and importing parties in the agreement. Avoid getting your operations to this kind of situation, coordinating with Compass will assure you the fulfillment of the process on every step of the way.
Where do the problems begin?
The solution to a any problem of logistic coordination will be hiring a logistics integrator like Compass.

A logistics integrator will assure you every regulation, cost and time frame gets taken care of. None the less a logistics coordinator will do that and more.

What can a logistics operator do for me on a cross border operation?

To secure the regulation needs, the cost, and time variables, Compass has its own customs license in all main Mexican customs, an alliance with InterCustoms LLC that allows us to have a national license in the USA, and our wide network of comercial partners allows us to cover your operation completely and provide tracking information from start to end through our technology, all under the same roof. You won’t have to worry about anything, just give us the details of your project and we’ll take care of it.

Instead of having 7 individuals in the process, you will only have one point of contact, in which your operation will be guaranteed.

While working with Compass you will have free access to our tracking system to monitor in real time all of your operations and also all the registry that comes from them, idea in the case you have to audit any of your processes. you only have to contact us and we will provide you with virtual backup on any of your activities.

In summary, a cross border operation is only difficult for the ones that ignore what’s happening and will not care to find out. Whoever takes care of your operation properly without failing any of the requirements will show you that a cross border operation is as simple as taking a box from your house to our neighbors. Have the results you want with Compass, send us a message and get a free consultation with one of our experts, and don’t miss the chance to have a problem-free operation without overcharges

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